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Feng Shui at Home Hardcover – October 1, by Carol Soucek King (Author)1/5(1). And finally, the spirit refers to all the invisible energies within you and your home—feng shui, atmosphere, and the soul of your Feng shui at home book. Years ago, author and holistic feng shui expert Laura Benko was diagnosed with a rare cancer.

Around that time, a book serendipitously fell on her head/5(55). Feng Shui the Book of Cures: Easy Solutions for Health and Happiness in Your Home of Office (Paperback).

Most feng shui books talk about feng shui for landed houses and buildings. But the fact of the matter is that a huge portion of residents live in apartments. This. Feng Shui a guide to finding your flow of fabulous is an experience of an e-book.

I walked through the process of a full feng shui consultation, whittled it down to eight steps over eight weeks, and then provided the essential information you need to make killer decisions that will move you toward your dream home (and dream life!).

Unlike most books which deal with designing your house and office in accordance with Feng Shui, Armilla’s book is bound to help you with your day-to-day negotiations through Feng Shui. It has tips on choosing the right time and date in buying a car or house to get positive results as well. My favorite, absolute Go-To-Feng Shui book is Feng Shui Your Life by Jayme Barrett.

***Feng Shui Your Life is a really common name for Feng Shui books so make sure you grab the right one. This is based on BTB (Black Hat) Feng Shui, and even through I tend toward Traditional Feng Shui, the design aspect of this book is amazing. Some feng shui consultants and practitioners feels that books should not be in the bedroom, due to the creative energy that goes into writing a book can disturb the occupant’s rest.

I don’t agree with this. First, it’s not practical. Feng Shui for the Main Entrance & Other Areas The main entrance is an important area, and should be kept free of clutter and blockages. For instance, if there is a wall which blocks the rest of the house from view as you enter your home, this can block the flow of Ch’i, creating obstacles.

Stand at your doorway, facing the interior. In feng shui, your entry represents how energy enters your home and your life. We say the front door is the “mouth of qi.”  Naturally, the Feng shui at home book is first place to start when you want to create good feng shui in your home.

Start with decluttering and removing any debris. Below, Feng Shui Master Dana Claudat offers 10 easy-to-execute tips for Feng- shuiing your new office to give it, and you, an energetic boost.

10 ways to add Feng Shui magic to your makeshift home. Where to place that Feng Shui fountain Water represents wealth in Feng Shui. A lot of people ask me where the best place to locate a fountain for Feng Shui is. According to Feng Shui principles it's advantageous to place a water element such as a fountain near the entry of your home.

Explore our list of Feng shui Books at Barnes & Noble®. Receive FREE shipping with your Barnes & Noble Membership. Laura Benko is a New York-based professor, feng shui expert, and author of The Holistic Home.

Benko is widely acclaimed for having rebranded feng shui into a more modern, holistic approach, while still honoring age-old traditions. To Benko, feng shui is not about transforming the structure of a home, but about making our homes evolve with us. Feng shui home office rule Green is your feng shui office color for success.

Green is a very soothing color. It is also the color of wealth. Use green color in office. Also keep plants inside the office-- especially the jade plant. Placement of plants to feng shui home office. Feng shui home office rule Be aware of poision arrows.

According to the ancient Chinese art of feng shui (pronounced "fung shway"), it is. Based on the idea that your living space reflects your life, feng shui strives to achieve balance in both.

Feng. Open bookshelves are notorious for creating what's known as poison arrows or sha chi (negative chi energy) in feng shui. Placing your books in a bookcase, even one with glass doors, is preferable to storing them on an open shelf. Bookshelves Create Poison Arrows The lines created by open bookshelves present a unique dilemma for homeowners.

Remember, the main purpose of a good feng shui bedroom is to sleep and make love, thus too many books simply bring the energy that does not encourage the two main activities for the bedroom. The other feng shui concern with books in the bedroom is the possibly sharp energy—Sha Chi—pointing at.

Feng Shui your library, book shelf or book cases to reduce anxiety and improve your knowledge. Books placed in a home library or on a shelf can improve the Feng Shui of a space to help you focus and take action. Even if it's the ability to sit and read about your favorite topic, such as Feng Shui.

By placing the Feng Shui Octagon, a tool for mapping the energies of a home or lot, over your lot plan or a floor plan of your home (starting with the first floor and then moving to any additional floors), you can figure out which parts of your home fall in which Life Areas and.

One of the basic tools for a feng shui practitioner is the bagua map. It’s a nine-part grid depicting the different areas of a space (home, desk, office, what have you) and how they correspond to. The Chinese practice of feng shui dates back several millennia and basically involves arranging your environment in such a way that everything harmonizes and stimulates positive energy.

According to these principles, using feng shui in your home office can help enhance productivity, creativity and even your earnings. We have some tips from Feng Shui & Beyond, an online guide to. A post shared by Eva Feng Shui (@change_your_life_feng_shui) on at pm PDT It should be applied to the main objects in every.

I was introduced to feng shui through a giant book full of pictures and wildly promising tips. I had no idea that your home could affect your life, and yet it sounded rational enough to make this home.

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Best books collection about Feng Shui and learn how to use it in your life. Feng Shui examines how the placement of things and objects within it affect the energy flow in your living environment, and how these objects interact with and influence your personal energy flow.

Feng Shui Your Own Home. offers you the opportunity to utilize the knowledge. of Feng Shui without having to devote a lot of time to study.

“A loving atmosphere in your home is the foundation for your. LIFE. Do all you can to create a tranquil, harmonious home.” (Taken from the. Instructions for Life, Author Unknown). Feng Shui made simple for modern living. Updated daily, this e-zine has everything from book reviews, monthly tips by Lillian Too, I-Ching, Chinese Astrology, an Agony Aunt column, gossip, upcoming workshops, talks and events, useful links to other feng shui sites, an online bookstore.

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Feng Shui Tips Specifically for the Home Office. If you work from home, you can apply many of the same principles of feng shui for offices that you would apply in any other work environment. Keep the entrance of your home neat, clean, and free of clutter. The same goes for. Clear and easy to read, this book makes complex feng shui notions easy to apply in your life.

Filled with practical feng shui tips, a detailed step by step guide to attracting lucky energy into your home, memorable stories, and inspiring, colorful visuals, this in-depth book is based on successful work with hundreds of clients around the world.

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Feng shui (pronounced fung shway) is an ancient Chinese system of balancing our physical environment to promote harmony and a sense of a home. Feng Shui is rooted in a holistic worldview. It sees all things and creatures as part of a natural order, a vast environment that is alive and in flux, ever moving and changing.

Each thing in this natural order is equally alive and has an energetic value or component. So everything — plants, animals, people, and things — exists in a vast.Here are predictions forFlying Star interpretations, Feng Shui cures and an expanded compatibility section.

Donna's Chinese Astrology series is now the 3rd best-selling Chinese Astrology series in the world!Lillian Too's Feng Shui Ways to Transform Your Life - Easy tips that anyone can use right away to transform any area of their life from the world's leading feng shui expert Lillian Too out of 5 stars